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A comprehensive solution that works

Each project has its own specific features requiring countless activities. With our Aspe system, they can be easily planned, checked and assessed retrospectively.

Our system is an effective tool that helps to avoid unpleasant situations during preparation and construction works.

Expert opinion on prices

Expert opinion on prices

or how to calculate them

We provide consulting services at all preparation and realization stages of transport infrastructure projects – from a technical study and all sorts of documentation (for zoning decisions, building permissions and tenders for construction) to the project implementation itself. We prepare assessment data and methodical instructions for determining investor´s prices in all phases of the construction preparation.


Creating materials for pricing

We create comprehensive pricing systems on our client´s request.

We process currently valid pricing systems as follows:

Sector classification of building constructions and road construction works

Pricing norms for evaluation of the Construction Project Intention

Collection of building indicators for the construction evaluation in the stage of zoning decision documentation

Collection of critical works indicators for the construction evaluation in the stage of building permission documentation

Processing of methodical instructions

We create methodical instructions, directives and regulations necessary for preparing and implementing transport construction projects.

We create rules for providing financial contributions to the construction.

Consulting and advisory services

Statistic evaluation of winning bids from contractors in tender

Expert opinions on project prices in the Czech Republic

Comparison of methodical instructions, technical standards and prices of construction works with the same abroad

Checking the list of works completeness and correctness

Analysis of price offers from contractors in tender including an assessment of a so called ʺExceptionally low price offerʺ

Price assessment of additional works including their price calculation

Claims assessment resulting from the client´s responsibility commitments


or how to prepare a construction

We offer comprehensive services in preparation stages for constructions of all types, especially building constructions (from family houses to production halls) and roads (from small pathways to highways).

We also specialize in bridges, tunnels, rail and tram transports, and water management, gas, power and telecommunication structures.

Technical supervision of construction

Technical supervision of construction

or how to build economically, securely and in high quality

The technical supervision of construction works offers special services to our clients as their representative in the area of costs and quality control of the construction. It also fulfils certain obligations under the applicable legislation (e.g. an OSH coordinator at the construction site).

Contract Management

or how to manage efficiently

Every construction differs in the budget and time schedule from the assignment project dispositions. To make the differences claimable and acceptable, they have to comply both with the national legislation and concluded contract. All this can be easily achieved with our Contract Management, an active management tool for the project administration.

Contract Management